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Case Study 1



Customer Experience Tool

Client brief

As part of a larger review and launch of  new company customer facing strategies, Stena Line required our expertise in producing material for all their on-short and off-short customer facing staff to take with them on completion of customer experience workshops.

The requirements were to produce something ‘fun and bright’ which could be kept close to hand and was small enough to be kept in a pocket or wallet. It needed to be easy to navigate so each staff member could quickly reference the required information.

Our solution

Stena Line had identified 12 touchpoints where the customer would potentially come into contact with staff, so we overlayed these onto a two dimensional illustration of a theoretical journey from pre-booking before a trip to the follow up contact after the trip.

The reverse side would present the ‘success factors’. This was essential information each member of staff could use to remind themselves of what they had learnt from the workshop.

We presented two concepts, one as a credit card sized fold out, the other as a swatch which fanned out to display the complete illustration. The credit card solution was chosen and we arranged print and delivery to Stena Line headquarters in Sweden.


January 2018

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